After 2 decades of being part of many different team situations and studying the importance of understanding different facets of a team, Sky Andrew and his team consults companies, sports institutions and individuals on how to structure teams and negotiate the right incentives.

All companies and teams need to have an efficient structure in place and identify the right individuals to fit into the structure.

Individuals need to be able to identify who they need around them in order to compliment their needs and build a fantastic team.

Some people are leaders and are born to lead but that doesn't mean that the most important people in a team are the leaders, in fact anyone leading when they shouldn't are just getting in the way. 

Every team needs to have people that are a part of the jigsaw puzzle and want to see the team succeed.

Skylet Andrew Consultancy can assist in identifying the right and wrong people for your team.

In business, there are three main 'Capital' that makes a successful company:

1)  Finance

2) Relationship

3)  Creative

Working hard is a prerequisite, team members must be able to deliver at least one of the above along with hard work, commitment and loyalty.

The goal is to galvanise individuals to focus on the bigger picture and to be help teams become more efficient.


Consultant for companies, teams and agencies

Global Consultant for SMWW (Sports Management World Wide)

Speaker at conferences, dinners & corporate events

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